Yoon2Sejong Yoon is an assistant professor of the Department of Computer Science at The College of New Jersey. To contact, please email him via yoons with the domain name tcnj.edu putting @ mark between them.

He is interested in machine learning and computer vision in general with emphasis on statistical, graphical models for the vision applications. His recent interests include distributed learning models that can deal with multiple visual sensors, such as surveillance cameras. He also has a strong interest in the perceptual scientific representation and understanding of human data processing of visual and multimodal input.

He earned his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey working with Prof. Vladimir Pavlovic in his SEQAM group. He also conducted research in medical informatics for his M.S. and B.Eng. degrees at Sogang University, working with Prof. Saejoon Kim. Before joining TCNJ, he was fortunate enough to have chances to work in various industrial and government organizations, detailed in his LinkedIn page.